We are the interior design company. Our team of professionals is dedicated to creating beautiful, high-quality homes, hotels, villas, and offices. We have an impeccable reputation for designing culturally iconic, contemporary, and nature-inspired interiors. We take pride in transforming ordinary residences into luxurious living spaces that make a statement. Our goal is to exceed expectations with innovative designs offering ultimate comfort and luxury.


Haya Interiors Delivering High-Quality Tailored Fit-Out Projects That Transform Your Villas, Palaces And Commercial Spaces. We’re A Passionate Team Of Interior Designers, Architects And Engineers.



Our Practice Is Strongly Built Upon Solid Values, Long-Lasting Client Relationships, Innovative Design Ideas, And A Great Line-Up Of Professionals In The Domain.



We Are Set To Take Customer Services In The Shows And Exhibitions Area To The Next Level. We Aim To Become The Sole Company In The Middle East That Gives Loyalty And Appreciation Back To Its Customers


Interior Design Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE: Haya Interiors

Haya Interiors has been revolutionizing in Abu Dhabi for 18 years. We take a holistic approach to luxury interior decorating, merging premium interior design with innovative ideas to create a fresh, timeless aesthetic that is mindful of our clients’ needs.

Haya uses modern design elements to create attractive spaces that reflect the tastes and preferences of each client. We combine interior design, architecture and structural engineering to deliver luxury experiences. With over 18+ years of experience, we have a talented team that puts heart and soul into every task to create glamor in the project. That’s why we proudly recognize ourselves as the interior design company.

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We have an organized approach to project management to deliver extraordinary outcomes for our clients. Our team of specialists plans each task, keeping the clients’ needs and expectations at the forefront of their minds. Being a premium interior design company , we have an extensive understanding of custom project management. We apply technology and tools to monitor, track and oversee each project closely in order to deliver what we’ve promised. Our flourishing tasks have been the grounds for our clients’ pleasure.

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Our projects reflect what we believe in, so you can expect elegance, refinement, beauty and individuality from everything we do. We’re committed to meeting your expectations, whether renovating a large space or helping you spruce up part of it. We are committed to fulfilling client expectations through collaboration and exceptional service. We work hard to create designs tailored to our clients’ unique personal styles and practical needs. We want you to be so impressed with the service you receive from us that you will want to work with us again!

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Our team is made up of folks who are passionate about what they do. With years of experience and technical expertise, we’re able to deliver on our clients’ requirements and needs. We discuss every project with the client before we begin, then plan accordingly. Our team’s hunger for excellence and diversity sets us apart from our competition. As an organization, Haya deeply respects its human assets and strives to deliver incredible work.

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A project plan is needed to guide the project’s implementation and fulfill its purpose. The plan also helps map client needs and requirements, so the team can better serve clients and deliver results on time. To create a robust plan, our team uses the latest project management software to create first drafts, then have the dedicated project managers review and refine them to ensure that all details are crystal clear.

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The Haya Interiors team is committed to delivering projects on time and within scope. Our project managers set clear expectations on the timeline for each project. We use AI tools to authenticate it and ensure that every member delivers their work before the deadline and within agreed-upon parameters without any unpredictable interruptions.

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We focus on client satisfaction, which we achieve through excellent client management. We are the most trustable and reputed interior design company , having built long-lasting connections with our clients over the years. We consider honest feedback and inputs from the clients and stakeholders to bring consistent progress. Furthermore, we keep our communication open and transparent with the clients.

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We are committed to satisfying our clients by providing the best interior design service possible. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the materials we use. Instead of focusing on budgets, we will always do what it takes to exceed your expectations. We are committed to finishing every project on time. That’s what makes us different from other interior design companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.


We Are Interior Design Company

Connect with us today if you’re looking for a top interior design company or the best Interior company. Our team of professionals will build your dream interior into reality. We offer commercial, home, villa, and hotel interiors.

Haya is a new-generation interior design firm with a focus on sustainability. With the motto of “Passion to Perfection”, we have been transforming ordinary spaces into luxury for over twenty-plus years. We have an incredible network with our clients through our outstanding work in interior design, and we’ve earned fame as one of Dubai’s top interior design firms.

So, if you want to build your dream building, office or home with well-thought-out designs, and want to get the best Interior design services in UAE.