Commercial Interior Design Services in UAE

Haya Interiors Offer Commercial Interior Design Services in UAE

Haya Interiors has been delivering exceptional modern design solutions for corporate workspaces in Dubai for 18+ years. We understand the importance of a dynamic and functional environment and strive hard to create designs that are combined multidimensional, integrated and brand-oriented.

We offer solutions that communicate your brand concept to your customers, business partners and prospective clients and motivate your team to be more productive, motivated and enthusiastic.

We are known as one of the leading commercial interior design companies in the UAE. We offer high-standard Affordable commercial fit-out services in the Middle East. Our commercial interior design defines luxury office interiors.

Our creative interior design team customizes your commercial spaces. We create inviting and welcoming spaces, keeping your business and its specific requirements in mind, from concept to execution of all commercial spaces like offices, hospitals, and colleges. We believe in making the process enjoyable, flawless and hassle-free for our clients.

Approach Haya Interiors for premium interior design services and solutions for your commercial and corporate workforce in Dubai at the best competitive prices.

Work Process of Haya Interiors for Interior Design for Offices in Dubai

1. Initial consultation

Client meetings are the most critical step for our professional relationship. In the face-to-face meeting, we meet with the client and discuss project goals, design requirements, budget, schedule, priorities, and fee structure. In addition, we initiate working with your vision and develop a comprehensive plan that is time and budget conscious.

2. Concept and Design

Space planning helps you make the best use of space to get the most out of every square foot.
Our experienced team works to create and execute a customized space plan, including 3D interior renderings. The designers work in many ways as they take initial field measurements, documents and photographs of the client’s specific needs and requirements for their project. In further steps, designers begin with preliminary space plans, two-dimensional design concept studies, and sketches combining the client’s needs.

3. Execution and Implementation

We offer complete commercial interior design service solutions utilizing a proven design process. Our skilled professionals manage the construction, whether we proceed in-house or choose to subcontract. In addition, we match up with the newest technology and industry standards to accelerate and improve the construction process. We also update our clients on the construction progress during each project phase.

4. Project Management

We always stick to our word and complete your project on time and within budget. When you work with us, rest assured that we will take care of the project management aspects of the construction. It’s our responsibility to ensure that everything is completed according to the design plan we laid out during the consultation phase. In addition, Haya Interior’s project management service encompasses every step of the consistently complicated process, including design, construction and renovation.

5. Project Handover

At Haya Interiors, we take care of the deadlines so that your business faces minimal disruption and can take occupation on the agreed date. Once the handover is completed, our support service team offers a single point of contact for all the final issues. The settling-in period allows you to identify any additional items that need to be resolved. Our dedicated team stays with you throughout this phase to ensure the office space works for you the way you want it to.

6. Follow-up and Evaluation

Our dedication does not end when the contract finishes. Haya helps with ongoing support and maintenance as needed. During the project, we conducted a regular job walk to prepare a punch list for the items that needed to be resolved pre- and post-occupancy. Our team will also follow up six months and a year after moving in.


    Frequently Asked Question

    What are the two different types of commercial interior design Haya Interiors offers?

    There are two types of commercial interior design: one is traditional commercial interior design, and the other is modern commercial interior design.

    What is the primary purpose of commercial interior design?

    The main goal of commercial design is to optimize a business’s ability to turn a profit, considering all the relevant factors such as workflow process, comfort and physical space.

    What projects are a part of Haya Interiors’ commercial design?

    Haya Interiors’ commercial design categories include market-specialized elements such as government, retail, manufacturing, and historic or sustainable buildings. However, commercial interior design projects include commercial spaces like banks, schools, offices, hospitals, insurance and industrial sectors, etc.

    Why should one hire Haya Interiors for Interior Design for Offices?

    Commercial interior designing at Haya provides you with the desired aesthetics which create your workplace suitable for achieving growth and success.