Specialized Interior Design for Hotels in UAE: Haya Interiors

Specialized Interior Design for Hotels in UAE: Haya Interiors

Haya interior is a renowned brand for Interior design for hotels in UAE. With our extraordinary hotel interior design services, you can become confident in your space.

Our experienced hotel interior designers work hard to help you succeed by transforming your hotel with the most appealing and attractive design elements. In addition, Haya offers consulting services concerning the best materials for the latest performative solutions. Our luxurious designs help you achieve your goal and create a hotel of the highest standards.

Modern-day aesthetic designs are a culmination of several physical elements. First, we create the epitomic display of luxurious and functional supremacy. Our team has in-depth knowledge of modern and contemporary arts and culture. They help you make correct material selections and beautiful lights that synchronize between the spaces. Our expert eyes leave no margin to miss anything.

For the best interior design services, reach out to us today.

Vital Elements of Successful Interior Design for Hotels in UAE

Tell a Story

It is essential to create a unique concept that shapes the hotel’s identity and the guest experience. Haya makes sure that the material, forms and functionality of different spaces throughout the hotel reflect its concept and tells a story.

Reflect the Location and External Elements

The climate condition of the geographical location is one of the essential factors in hotel interior design since the weather outside dramatically influences the outdoor interior of the hotel. So, our team first inspect the hotel building to examine the sunlight directions. Next, we select the design of the zones, textures, colors and materials for the hotel’s collaboration with the sun and its surroundings.

Make a Great First Impression

The hotel’s entrance is the first reception point for visitors. The entrance shapes the client’s first impression, so it’s crucial to positively predispose the visitor from the first few seconds. We ensure that the entrance’s aesthetics align with the hotel concept. We also focus on the design and layout of the reception area so that the guest can get a sense of intimacy.

Pay Attention to the Guest Room Design

We capture the hotel story in all small details and elements to make a comfortable room for the visitors. We divide the hotel room into innovative functional zones like sleeping and recreation zones. We also take care of the comfortable bed, a spacious shower and adequate storage for luggage and clothes to make the hotel room pleasant for the guest.

Design Common Areas for Experiences

Haya interiors focus on creating the best experience for visitors by contributing to all the amenities, such as the breakfast and lounge area, the restaurant and the pool. We ensure that all the common areas reflect the hotel’s branding and provide a fun and positive experience for the guest. When designing these areas, we focus on the functional and aesthetic needs of the guest.

If you want this level of detail and dedication in your hotel design, reach out to Haya interiors for Interior design for hotels in UAE.


    Frequently Asked Question

    Why should I take hotel interior designing services from Haya?

    Haya is a renowned brand in the UAE and has accomplished many high-profile projects. In addition, we have an experienced team of professionals having deep knowledge of hotel interior design and high values to satisfy our clients.

    What is the cost of hotel interior design in the UAE?

    The cost of hotel interior design in the UAE can vary depending on the size of the project, the type of material used and the labor required.

    What is included in modern hotel interior design?

    The modern interior design style is all about functionality, simplicity and minimalism. This interior style celebrates clean lines, uncluttered spaces and open spaces. Furniture is typically sleek and minimalist, with few or no frills and walls painted in light colors in Modern interior.

    Does Haya help in selecting the theme for the hotel interior?

    If you are looking for help in selecting a theme for your hotel then you are at the right place as Haya can definitely be your assistant. Whether you have an idea of what you want but need help executing it or are starting from scratch, our designers will work with you to find the best theme that reflects your vision.