Architectural & Interior Design Projects in UAE

Top Architectural Design Company in Dubai: Haya Interiors

Haya Interiors is one of the most trusted architectural design companies in Dubai. We provide high-quality service in a wide range of projects, including residential and commercial spaces, hotels, and resorts.

Our proficient architects have fulfilled many architectural requirements across the UAE and have become Dubai’s most desirable architectural design company.

Our Work Process

In the architectural design process, we follow five main steps to create our design for a project. Our initial task is to build a team of professionals whose primary focus is to contribute their best efforts in performing the assigned task. For instance, the architects create drawings and the contractors execute blueprints. An engineer’s responsibility is to ensure that countless systems involved have structural integrity.

Now, let’s comprehend the workflow of all five phases of design.


The first step is also known as the programming phase. This phase begins the architectural design process. In this phase, the architect conducts the initial meeting with the client to learn about the building, plot and structure. Finally, our experienced architect investigates the local zoning and the land use restrictions to initiate the design process.


During the schematic design phase, we work with our clients to refine their vision and develop a design proposal that meets their needs. The team uses drawings, 3D rendering, sketches, floor plans, building elevation and preliminary site plans to develop the design. Our team also considers the other building systems like plumbing and HVAC in developing the schematic design. Finally, after meeting with architects and analyzing the feedback from clients, we make changes to meet their expectations.


In the third step, the architect’s design plans are transformed into a detailed plan. At this point, structural engineers join the team to help come up with accurate estimates. The architect presents interior and exterior finishes to the client, which will cover and affect the foundational structure of the project. Finishes significantly affect total cost and project schedule, so this step needs to be dealt with utmost importance. At this point, an even more accurate estimate comes into consideration.


In this step of architectural interior design, the architect’s designs become a reality. In this process, the architect produces two sets of detailed plans that contain every layout of their final execution – one set stays at the site throughout the process while the other is sent to local authorities for approval. Our proficient construction contractor joins the development team during this step.


Once you have all the permits, the next step is to start construction, a process that includes regular site visits to deal with any issues that arise. The frequency of these visits depends on the size of your project and can range from weekly to monthly. Once the building crew takes over, it’s up to them to complete construction. This process will last until the project is finished.

To manage all the stages of architectural design, you can take help from Haya Interiors, one of the leading architectural design companies in Abu Dhabi. We are your ideal partner for any architectural design services.

Why Choose Haya Architectural Design Services in Abu Dhabi

Pioneering as one of the renowned architecture firms in Abu Dhabi, Haya Architectural Design Services offers an unparalleled breadth of expertise in architectural design services in Abu Dhabi. Their team of seasoned architects and design professionals skilfully merge creativity with functionality. The result is a portfolio of breathtakingly beautiful structures that breathe life into clients’ visions while ensuring optimal use of space and resources.

Masterful Craftsmanship in Interior Design

Haya shines distinctly in the realm of architectural interior design in the UAE. They take joy in creating interiors that perfectly reflect client preferences, regardless of the design aesthetic’s complexity or simplicity. Whether you lean towards a minimalist approach or favour a grand, opulent style, Haya crafts visually striking, practical, and comfortable spaces, exuding a timeless charm.

Integrated Design Approach for Client Satisfaction

Stepping beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture, Haya has made its mark as a leading interior design company in Abu Dhabi. Their team of architects and interior designers adopt an integrated design approach, prioritizing your unique requirements and lifestyle nuances. The result is a series of tailored designs that resonate with your distinct identity and echo your style, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Sustainable and Future-Oriented Solutions

In the rapidly evolving cityscape of Abu Dhabi, Haya stands out for its forward-thinking approach. They offer innovative, sustainable, and adaptable design solutions that respect and reflect the rich regional traditions. They create designs that harmoniously balance the old and the new, making them an ideal choice for future-oriented architectural design.
In choosing Haya Architectural Design Services, you opt for a partnership marked by professionalism, creativity, and a deep understanding of architecture and interior design in Abu Dhabi. Experience a design journey as inspiring as practical, with Haya leading the way.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the responsibility of the Architect?

    The role of an architect is to design and draw the plan of buildings to help the construction sector. The architect also worked on the renovation of the building, restoration and conservation of the existing structure.

    Why do I take architectural services?

    Architects look after the work and also ensure that the work is professionally completed that matches up with the requirements of building control. They are also responsible for ensuring that the building is well-designed and realistic. Visit at Haya interiors the best Abu Dhabi interior design company.

    How much time will it take to draw a design?

    The timeline depends on the size of the project and the client’s decision. After the initial meeting, the timeframe is outlined.

    What happens in the initial meeting?

    We discussed the client’s requirements, ideas, and concepts in the initial meeting and shared our experiences and views. However, in this meeting, we will understand the client’s needs and give them the confidence to believe in us and our work. Reach Haya interiors the renowned Abu Dhabi interior design company to experience the best designing services.