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Finest Exhibition Company in  Abu Dhabi – Haya interiors

HAYA is one of the most prestigious exhibition stand design and execution companies in Abu Dhabi, providing exhibition stand solutions across UAE. Our custom-designed exhibition stands are made to make your organization stand out. HAYA’s services range from simple signage to interactive booths—no design challenge is too great for us!

HAYA ensures your exhibition experience is exactly what you want it to be. With a low-cost and environmentally-conscious approach that doesn’t sacrifice quality or creativity, we ensure each detail will fit seamlessly into the theme of your event. With years of experience working within this industry, our staff can execute flawlessly while maintaining efficient budgets for our clients.

We aim to create an engaging experience for your brand during exhibitions or trade shows. Whether it be a large-scale exhibit or just one of those booths, we want to offer people the opportunity to learn about who you are and what you do. We’re committed to ensuring that every show we set up will bring in new clientele for our valued clients so they can rest assured, knowing each show brings them closer to new opportunities. And because we care so deeply about customer satisfaction, we also offer various services that are both cost-effective and efficient.

Our Work Process

Our exhibition stand designers not only create a structure but also understand your goal and objective of participating in the exhibition. Haya interiors will follow these steps when designing the booth for your company:

1. Understand the process and develop the concept

Haya Interiors, our exhibition company in Abu Dhabi, creates exhibition stands representing your brand and goals with a remarkable impact on the show day. Our professional designers use the space, location and budget to create an eye-catching stand design. Whether you need a local trade fair or an international exhibition stand, we’ll help you choose the right design for your company.

2. Share the design ideas.

Once we receive the stand specs, construction will begin. The design team will modify the design according to your wishes and develop a structure that best utilizes your space. Our designers have gained years of experience designing stands based on budget, space size, brand objective, stand location etc.

3. Finalize exhibition stand design and, as per your aim

Once you are happy with the final design concept, our proficient stand builders will start constructing your exhibition stand. We always work with premium materials to ensure that your stand reflects your business motives.

4. Installation of your exhibition booth

The process includes concept development to assembling the installation on the exhibition ground. The designers cover everything you need to create the best structure. We ensure that the exhibition design and build is the same as you expected and finalized in the first place. We make sure that there will be no last-minute hitches.

5. Embellish your stand

The stand developer’s job is to set up your exhibition stand, including all the needed equipment and technology. The final touches include adding extra features such as lighting, desk, television, and anything else that will make your stand come into the spotlight to attract the crowd.

6. Project management

We have a dedicated project manager to make the process of organizing an exhibition stand seamless and hassle-free. Your project manager will be your point of contact and take all the necessary steps from concept development to installation. They will remain in charge throughout the process, whether you need to coordinate with the organizer or handle the paperwork. Your project manager will ensure that your stand is set up properly before the opening day of the trade show.

Visit Haya Interiors, the best exhibition company in Abu Dhabi, to get business from national or international exhibitions.

Trusted Exhibition Event Company Offering the Best Stand Designs in Abu Dhabi

Navigating the vast landscape of options to find a dependable exhibition event company in Abu Dhabi might initially appear as a challenging task. However, amidst the abundance, one company perpetually rises above the rest. This company is recognised for its exceptional blend of creativity, professional expertise, and unwavering dedication to customer service. Its portfolio boasts outstanding exhibition stand designs that captivate the eye and effectively convey the intended message with striking clarity.

Crafting Exquisite, Custom-Made Exhibition Stands in the Heart of Abu Dhabi

In the competitive arena of exhibitions, the importance of choosing a seasoned exhibition stand designer in the UAE cannot be understated. This industry-leading exhibition event company, deeply ingrained in the culture and innovation of Abu Dhabi, takes immense pride in its capability to construct distinctive, top-notch stands. The creations encapsulate the specific ethos of each brand while leaving a lasting impression on exhibition attendees. The company’s dedicated and highly skilled designers and engineers work closely with clients, turning their vision into impressive, tangible displays.

Proving Versatility and Dependability: A Noteworthy Presence in Dubai

Though the company’s foundation is deeply rooted in Abu Dhabi, it’s not solely an exhibition stand Abu Dhabi centric firm. Its influence and services extend to the vibrant city of Dubai, where it has carved out a niche as a trustworthy Dubai exhibition company. The team’s adaptability to satisfy the diverse requirements of various industries exemplifies its versatility. Be it a technology expo, a lifestyle exhibition, or a cultural festival, they demonstrate proficiency in designing and crafting stands that effectively showcase their clients’ products and services.

Exemplary Exhibition Stand Contractors in Dubai: A Commitment to Excellence

The prowess of this company isn’t limited to organising exhibition events and designing stands. It further distinguishes itself as a premier exhibition stand contractor in Dubai. The company offers comprehensive solutions, taking care of everything from the initial conceptualisation and design phase to construction, installation, and the dismantling of stands post-event. With an unwavering focus on quality control and strict adherence to timelines, this team guarantees a seamless experience for clients. This allows the clients to concentrate on the most crucial aspect – delivering a successful presentation at the exhibition.

In a nutshell, this exhibition event company is a trusted ally for businesses aiming to leave an indelible mark in the vibrant exhibition scenes of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Its unmatchable dedication to quality, meticulous attention to detail, and tailored approach make it a top choice for companies striving for exhibition excellence.

Exhibition Stand Contractor & Designers in Dubai

Dubai, a global hub for trade and innovation, witnesses numerous exhibitions, trade shows, and events every year. These events offer businesses the platform to showcase their products, services, and brand identities. The design and execution of exhibition stands is an important factor in determining the success of such events. For this precise reason, choosing the right Dubai exhibition company becomes vital.

Among the various services available, exhibition stand contractors Dubai based provide an amalgamation of creativity, efficiency, and professionalism. Their expertise lies not only in setting up a stand but in capturing the essence of a brand and effectively reflecting it to grab visitors’ attention.

We Provide the Best Exhibition Stand Designs in the UAE.

The essence of an impactful exhibition stand is not just its size or grandeur but its design. In the bustling market of the UAE, standing out is essential. This is where exhibition stand designers in UAE come into the picture, offering innovative and bespoke designs tailored to individual brand needs.

A well-designed exhibition stand is a magnet, drawing potential clients and partners, facilitating networking, and forging lasting business relationships. It’s more than just a physical structure; it represents a brand’s vision, ethos, and ambition. As a leading exhibition company, we ensure our designs resonate with these principles, offering stands that are visually appealing, functional, and in line with global standards.

Why Is Haya an Excellent Choice for an Exhibition Event Company in Abu Dhabi?

While Dubai is undeniably a major player in the exhibition scene, Abu Dhabi is fast emerging as a sought-after destination for global events. Haya, a top-tier exhibition company in Abu Dhabi, understands the nuances and specific requirements of businesses participating in events here.

Our extensive experience as an exhibition event company in Abu Dhabi ensures we offer services that are a cut above the rest. We focus on understanding our client’s objectives and tailoring our services to meet and exceed those expectations. With a team of dedicated professionals, cutting-edge design tools, and a commitment to excellence, Haya guarantees an exhibition experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Whether targeting an event in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, entrusting your exhibition stand needs experts who can make all the difference. In a world where first impressions matter immensely, ensure your brand makes an indelible mark.


    Frequently Asked Question

    Does the exhibition include lighting?

    Yes, exhibition stands include and can be used in multiple ways, from the entire lighting rig to a completely light-up stand.

    What is the best type of exhibition stand?

    When it comes to exhibitions or events, there is not one type of stand for all purposes. All organizations have their own needs. The best exhibition stands help the business achieve its goal and objective within the stipulated budget.

    How can we attract visitors with the stand?

    There are countless ways to attract visitors, from attractive graphics to attention-grabbing structures and props. For example, if you want your stand to do an outstanding job at communicating a concise message or getting your brand noticed, then you are in the right place.

    Can I get my exhibition booth customized?

    Yes, of course. An exhibition stand reflects your organization and brand value and should be created to meet your objectives. It includes various custom features, from graphics to flooring to display areas.