Interior Design for Palaces in UAE

Incredible Interior design for palaces in UAE: Haya Interiors

Palaces, also known as imperial houses, are the highest-level category for residential properties in the UAE. Haya’s team is committed to creating well-decorated and luxurious properties. Palaces are the sanctuary for the royal families, world top leaders and the highest personalities of society. And we ensure that their interior design stands up to the expected standards.

Palaces are not easy to miss. They are known to have the highest standards for composition for interiors and the entire structural design.

Haya is one of the few companies with the skills and resources to provide the highest standards of interior design performance for palaces. We have been consistently at the forefront of interior design for palaces in UAE.

interior design for a master bedroom featuring a luxurious big bed, elegant wall pictures, bright and sophisticated color scheme, complemented by a stylish sofa, lamp, and a balcony. Exuding regality for the sanctuary of royal families, world leaders, and esteemed personalities

Focus Areas of Interior Design for Palaces

Palace Entrance Design

Haya ensures that you have a luxuriously decorated entrance to the palace to give visitors a stunning first impression. Whether you require elaborate designs and motifs or something simple and classic, we can handle it for you.

Salons and Private Reception Rooms

These are the spaces where Haya offers extreme attention since these are the places for receiving and entertaining guests. Most of the clients pick up the classic style interiors with seats of the Victorian era of upholstery, golden embroidered ornaments, floral prints, and art pieces on the wall in royal colors to create a prestigious look. Clients can also get customized designs from Haya Interiors’ professional designers, depending on their taste and style.

Ceiling and Lighting

With the right ceiling and lighting, we can accentuate the look of your palace. It helps the interior get well-deserved attention. Our team of professionals uses numerous types of lights and ceiling decors to illuminate your space better and give it a royal look.

Palace Living Room

Our experts use innovative layouts to create exotic living rooms. We have extensive knowledge of wall designs and access to premium materials, which will help turn your idea into a reality. The color of the living room may vary depending on the preferences of the palace owners. We also put special emphasis on the furniture and the textile used in the living room as they play a vital role in interior design for palaces in UAE.


    Frequently Asked Question

    Why should I select Haya for Palace interior design?

    Haya interiors is a reputable palace interior design company in UAE. We offer unique design ideas that are tailored to our client’s preferences, whether it be traditional, contemporary, modern or an eclectic mixture of varied styles. So, book a consultation with us to get your palace interior done by the most experienced and reliable interior designers of UAE.

    Does Haya create modern palace designs?

    Yes, Haya interiors have a skilled team of modern palace designers who have successfully designed many lavish and modern palaces in the UAE. Modern palace design is not restricted to the classic style and can be in Neo classic, modern, Islamic or even contemporary, which is not less majestic. Contact us today to bring your vision to life.

    Does Haya also design palace exteriors?

    Yes, we do offer exterior design services for palaces. The exterior of the palace is incredibly important since it makes the statement from the outside about the homeowners and turns on the imagination of what’s inside. The beautiful decorative details and proper lighting design are important elements to highlight the beauty of the palace. So, for any palace exterior design requirements, reach Haya Interiors.

    How much Haya quotes for Interior design for palaces?

    We give you an estimate by visiting your site and listening to your requirements. The palace design is quite complex as it contains many rooms, halls, and spaces. The price may vary depending on the level of renovation you want. For more information, please book an appointment with us today!