Interior Design Services for Resorts in UAE

High-Standard Interior Design for Resorts Services in UAE: Haya Interiors

The resort design service by Haya interiors can help you create the most luxurious retreat. Our design services encompass the vast interior detailing of luxurious resorts. We select everything, from the luxurious furniture and artwork to the electronics and pillows, to create the most premium resort interior where your guest can rest, relax and enjoy. Our experts collaborate with the clients right from the inspection phase of the project, which helps us learn about their vision.

Haya combines the elements of design creativity and business acumen to create the most inspiring and remarkable resort design for our clients. The specialized service for interior design for resorts from Haya ensures that you become the provider of the most luxurious living and hospitality experience in UAE. The middle-east culture and natural and geographical characteristics of the UAE inspire the exotic resorts created by our certified designers. We pay special attention to the details in creating exemplary resorts that are made by paying acute attention to interior detailing so it attracts visitors.

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Essential Elements of Interior Design for Resorts in UAE

Site Planning

Site planning for the resort is the first step toward designing. In this stage, our team performs in-depth research and analysis of the project site and the elements present there. Then, we recognize the contextual components such as a lake, desert, pool or garden since these play a pivotal role in the designing process. Site planning helps in constructing the functional design for the resort.

Contextual Elements

The design of the resort must resonate with the context of the site. We use contextual elements and materials that reflect the customs and traditions of the UAE as well as the theme of your resort. During the design and planning process, we select materials and elements after considering the typology of the resort and the facilities it will offer.

Resort Exterior Design

The exterior design of the resort varies as per the site’s context. Our team analyzes the site and uses the results to plan out the wall and roof design of the resort. To ensure that the exterior is lavishing, we create attractive courtyards, porches and outdoor activity areas for visitors. We also customize the design as per the client’s requirements and needs.

Resort Interior Design

We make sure that the interiors of the resort building blend well with the resort’s theme and set the space’s ambiance. We use designs that complement the exteriors of the place. We also put great emphasis on the overall design format of the resort, including the furniture and other fittings, the shades of color etc.


The resort design depends on the area’s landscape, as it is essential to create an environment that complements the site. Our team also helps develop the ambiance that reflects the theme of your resort. Depending on your requirements, we can also create green zones in and around the building to help build exotic resort interiors.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Why should I take resort interior design service from Haya Interiors?

    We are a top-rated resort interior design company based in UAE. We have created some of the premier luxury resorts in the Middle East and have achieved the tag of leading interior designer company in UAE by our satisfied clients. Book an appointment today to prepare your dream resort and please tourists from all over the globe.

    How much does the entire resort interior cost?

    The price will vary depending on the resort interior type, space size, choices of materials and requirements. The total cost will include MEP, flooring, ceiling and, in some cases, furniture. For more information, you can contact Haya’s customer service team.

    What types of resort interiors can Haya interiors do?

    Haya interiors are specialized in all types of resort interiors, including luxury resorts, beachside resorts, golf resorts, and spa resorts. You can consult our experts about your requirements to opt for the best resort interior services at an affordable price.

    Does Haya also offer hospitality resort interior services?

    Yes, Haya does offer hospitality resort interior services. You can reach us to get the best quote.