Interior Design for Retail Spaces in UAE

High-quality Interior Design for Retail Spaces Services in UAE

As online purchasing has become ever more popular, Haya interiors ensure that retail shops and stores are enticing places to visit in their own right. From eye-catching window displays to easily navigable aisles, our team ensures brands make their retail spaces interactive and enticing. Irrespective of your requirements, whether it is interior design for a showroom, coffee shop, jewelry store or bakery shop, Haya offers the most efficient and cost-effective services.

Haya’s ultimate goal is to create a space that attracts customers and generates sales. Our proficient team perfectly understands the psychology of the customers and creates design solutions considering both the psychological and physical aspects.

Haya’s interior designers understand how the different design elements blend together. With our expertise and experience, we can create a welcoming space for your customers.

Principles of Interior Design for Retail Spaces in UAE

Design and Layout

When it comes to retail interior design, the first thing we do is decide on the theme of the space and the layout. The criteria include size, shape, type of merchandise and location of the space. We also focus on the client’s specific needs and budget.

Shop Window

A shop window is one of the essential aspects of any retail store because it allows customers an excellent opportunity to see what’s being sold inside the store without having an inside tour. We incorporate large windows in our designs so that customers see exactly what you have to offer.


At Haya, we focus on lighting since it is one of the essential elements when designing a retail space. It impacts everything from traffic flow and employee productivity to customer satisfaction and brand identity. We use different types of lighting, which helps create a friendly atmosphere for customers while they shop.

Selecting the Right Material

We put particular emphasis on the material used while designing the retail space. The material used in a store plays a crucial role in creating the right shopping space and attracting customers. We use materials as an identifier for a specific product or category by using different colored walls and themes. With the right accessories, we can help your store emanate a feeling of luxury and warmth.

Visual Branding

Our retail space interior design service includes visual branding, which combines all elements within a store, including the signs, colors, graphics, textures and patterns. Together, these elements create a consistent image that conveys your brand values through its retail space.


The perspective of retail space interior design is an important design element that is often overlooked in the design process. But not by Haya’s designers. We help create a space that substantially impacts the view of the customers entering the store. For this, we use appropriate lighting, colors and materials for each store section.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    What type of layout does Haya use in retail space?

    There are four main types of store layouts available, and Haya offers all four designs, including grid, boutique, free-form and racetrack store layouts. Customers can choose the desired layouts to get their retail space done. For any queries related to Interior design for retail spaces, contact Haya.

    Why should one get the retail space interior done by Haya?

    We help you tell your customers a compelling story about your business and goal. Our premium designs will add value to your organization and help build brand awareness. We ensure that your retail space highlights your corporate characteristics.

    What types of retail spaces does Haya work on?

    Haya interiors work on all the available retail formats, including supermarkets, department stores, etc. If you have any questions about the retail interior services we offer, you can contact us.

    What is the cost of designing retail space at Haya?

    The cost of retail space interior design entirely depends on the area of your retail space and the layout. We have to visit your site to estimate the cost. If you want to get the quotation, then call us today.