Residential Interior Design Services in UAE

Top Residential Interior Design Services Provider in UAE: Haya Interiors

Haya Interiors is known to be among the top and most competitive home interior design companies in UAE. We offer interior design services for your luxury homes and specialize in all types of modern and classic designs, including bedroom interiors, kitchen, lobby entrances, space planning, family sitting room etc.

The residential interior is much more different than the commercial designs since home interiors are about creating a livable space and are not entirely based on function. Our home interior design creates a premium and comfortable space while balancing function and aesthetics.

We at Haya have mastered the art of creating a perfect synergy between design, pattern, and texture, from light and line, to create the home of your dreams. Since 2004, Haya Interiors have been helping clients fulfill their dreams without compromising design.

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Luxurious dining area and hall with a grand dining table, bright white walls, elegant chandeliers, and a spacious sofa for comfortable gatherings. Pictures adorn the walls, enhancing the sophistication of this opulent space

Our Process

Discussion with Client

Haya interiors understand the customer’s needs. We gauge approximate budgets at the preliminary stage and make suggestions accordingly. At Haya, we have a human approach to business and ensure that our solutions cater to every budget.

Client Approvals

Our professional team works on the best possible scenarios for the space based on the site audit and measurements. We perform an in-depth analysis of the area, your requirements and constraints. We exchange ideas and suggestions to establish a visual dialogue presentation with the clients until a mutually agreeable vision arrives. Our team of highly skilled professionals further develops the schematic design that was agreed upon mutually.

Cost Estimation, Feedback and Approvals

A cost estimate is carefully worked out based on the material and finishing recommendations approved by the client. We take utmost care of cost sensitivities and ensure that the cost variations are tackled most efficiently. At Haya interiors, we believe in demonstrating absolute transparency and constant communication with our clients throughout the project. Regular feedback and updates at every step of the project and procurement process ensure timely intervention and leave no room for surprise.

Resource Planning and Procurement

The team at Haya Interiors is extensively experienced and intuitive. We ensure that the challenging procedure is managed efficiently and promptly. In addition, our exceptionally credible relationship with vendors, both local and overseas, gives us added leverage. Our reliable network helps thwart last-minute delays.

Project Management and Execution

Interior design projects need a high level of expertise and should be well coordinated and executed to perfection. Haya interiors have an expert Interior design for homes team with a sharp eye for detail to ensure flawless execution and efficient management of the project. The project manager ensures that all aspects of the project are carried out as planned.


    Frequently Asked Question

    Can my current furniture be incorporated with a new design plan?

    Yes, to a point. Haya strives to utilize as much of your current furniture as possible in the new design plan. Get in touch with us for any requirements related to Interior design for homes in UAE.

    In what style of decor do Haya Interiors specialize?

    We work in a wide variety of designs and genres depending on the taste and preferences of our clients. Our expert team interprets the personalities and decor tastes of the clients into living spaces that are luxurious, modern, exotic and comfortable. Contact us today for the best Residential interior design services in Dubai.

    How much do Residential interior design services cost on Haya interiors?

    The cost of a residential interior varies depending on the project’s scope. We will give you an estimate depending on the layout and your requirements.

    How do I embark on the interior design project from Haya interiors?

    The interior design process begins with the call to action. When the client calls us, we briefly discuss the project and what you hope to achieve with our services and answer any questions. After discussion, we schedule a design consultation, from where the process begins.